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Friday 2 August 2013

Message from Website Editor

Dear Friends,

“I consider it important, indeed urgently necessary, for intellectual workers to get together, both to polish their own knowledge and, also, generally speaking, to enhance their potential by knowing others.”

It was pleasure attending the All India Rhinology Society at Udaipur. I got to know so many people who are doing great job in Rhinology. Added was a calming beautiful city away from routine OPDs and OTs.

This time, the AIRS conference is scheduled at Gangtok, which you know, is known for its pleasant weather and rich beauty. There will be ideal mix of sharing knowledge and caring yourself in a cozy atmosphere, perhaps, attending with your family members also.

The AIRS blog is gaining popularity slowly. But without your contribution, it is nothing. Please feel free to write your observation or work, post any good or bad experience, any photograph or video. Review of any new book, product or biography of leader in Rhinology is welcome.

With this, I wish all of you a happy festive season and new year ahead.

Dr. Ajay Jain

Message from the President, AIRS, 2010-2011

Dear members,

I express my sincere thanks and sense of gratitude for electing me as president-All India Rhinology society. I will try my best to maintain & enhance prestige of All India Rhinology society laid down by founders Dr. Sood , Dr.Saharia and many more.

Last month we have enjoyed wonderful conference in Udaipur under leadership of organizing Chairman Prof. A.K.Gupta; it was an over-saturating feast of academic activities with wonderful cultural & historical tour as extra-bonanzas. I congratulate Prof. A.K.Gupta for grand success of conference and award winner of P.G. Quiz, P.G. Award, Senior consultant award.

Our AIRS has gone a long way in short span of time. We have started many orations, panel discussion, poster sessions. Our journal was started in 2008 by founder editor Prof.P.S.Saharia, but in such short span it has been accredited and indexed in many national and international forums. This credit goes to Prof. Ashok Gupta of P.G.I. Chandigarh for his overwhelming efforts.We are in process to start fellowship in Rhinology as soon as possible

In spite of all these achievements our total number of membership are less, so I will request our all E.N.T colleagues to join us becoming member of All India Rhinology society.  We are sending format of membership with the news bulletin which can be photocopied and send to our Secretary on his address along with bank draft of Rs.2500/-.

We have also decided that deciding next venue of national conference preference will be given to that state where maximum new membership has been registered in this session. So it will be the important criteria along with other considerations.

Our next venue of conference is Gangtok, a beautiful hill station of north east during peak season of hill station 28th-29th April 2011.I request all my fraternity  members to meet us in Gangtok to make it grand success .

The festival season is at its peak. Each family would be in the midst of the festivities and I extend my sincere wishes to all for a very joyous time in the festival season starting from Dussera, Deepawali, Eid and going on
to Christmas.

At last I welcome good suggestion and co-operation from all of you for uplifting A.I.R.S.
Warm greeting for coming festive season. 
Long Live A.I.R.S.
Dr L.S.Ojha

All India Rhinology Society
Ojha Hospital
8, Tagore Town Allahabad
Ph.No.    +91-532-2466881
Mob.No. +91-9335106687
E-mail:- lsojha52@ yahoo .co .in

Message from AIRS Secy 2010

Dear friends,

As the year draws to a close, we should take a moment to look back together at everything we are thankful for from the previous year and everything we hope for in the year to come. The holiday season is a time for the family. It is a time for reflection. It is a time to think gratefully of all of our blessings, and to renew our commitment to reaching out to each one of us.
We are thankful for the year gone by which was full of academic activities, achievements like the success of the journal, affiliation to the International Rhinology Society, initiation of fellowship proposals, a grand annual
conference, starting of an active and interactive blog and so on.
In the coming year we hope to achieve greater heights in academics, increase our membership, start full fledged fellowships in the specialty, get focused on the specialized areas of Rhinology and so on.
We also need to reflect on the values that unite us, the values that the AIRS was founded on and the values that aim to make AIRS a beacon of academic excellence in the time to come.
This part of the year is for most of us a time for a break from work, for family and friends, for presents, sweets and crackers. But at no point should we should lose sight of the fact that these are traditional celebrations around the time when academic meetings start peaking all over the country and abroad.
It is vitally important that we all should participate in these meetings for the sake of the specialty. We have only to look around to recognize the benefits of this positive approach in the development and progress of any specialty. And for this we need to increase our numbers so as to spread the light of rhinology far
and wide.
There is certainly much more to be done and many challenges to be overcome. With these thoughts I wish you a peaceful and joyful holiday season.
Dr. Achal Gulati
Hony. Secretary, AIRS
Director Professor, Department of ENT,
Maulana Azad medical college,
New Delhi

Message from AIRS, Secy 2010

After a particular age and time one strives to reach the higher planes of the nuances in a specialty. And the All India Rhinology Society has been in the age and time for a fairly long time to strive and achieve higher planes.
Change is the only constant thing. Teaching and learning are a dynamic process, the principles and practice of which change each day. As a professional in the field of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery and further narrowing it down to Rhinology and its allied branches, it is essential to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field.
One feels the need to be exposed to the peers in the specialty. This would be possible when the information and knowledge we all have is exchanged, one’s doubts cleared and principles strengthened. One wants to share experiences with others, who may add their comments to the contributions to make them more authentic.
Many of us forget just how much technological advancement there has been in the past 15 years or so. Back then, most of us were barely aware of the existence of email or the internet, and the need or of having a website devoted to Rhinology was only for casual conversation rather than serious discussion. Most of us in fact, were content with utilising the post, telephone and fax in our day to day professional life, and anything as efficient and as useful as a website was purely a fantasy - nice if it existed, but it probably never would.
Of course, as they say, the rest is history, as the fantasy did indeed become a reality in an incredibly short period of time.. The technology now exists for us to promote ourselves to a worldwide audience. There has never been a better time to take advantage of this 'new frontier'.
And so to achieve this, where did one start? 

Dr Ajay Jain, our young and enthusiastic member took it upon himself to change the history and convert the fantasy of a website for AIRS to a reality. And as you can see, he has done a great job with the construction and launch of this website. 

A website draws together the varied needs of a specialty and centralizes it in one location. A website can be seen in the first instance as the place where the myriad strands of a specialty take visual shape and form, guiding and informing the members of the vast of information available between our pool. A website is in many ways a clarification and distillation of the knowledge and information, and is very useful for that reason alone. However, of course that is just the beginning of the journey, as a website can do so much more than this.
We intend to enlarge our network of members, to establish our presence in the field, heighten the academic interest, make information available to a large group, allow feed backs and critical appraisals, to make available interesting clinical materials and photographs and to update our membership information and to above all, establish a presence in the world in a true a professional manner.

The future holds great promise for continued technical innovation, acquisition of new knowledge, and advances in the science of rhinology....But that would be possible with only your support and contributions and active participation.
Dr Achal Gulati,
Hony. Secretary, AIRS
Professor of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery,
Maulana Azad Medical College,
New Delhi

Message from AIRS, Secy 2010

Dear All,
The academic year for the current session of the All India Rhinology Society is drawing to a close and it is time for our annual conference. This year we are meeting at Udaipur for the 23rd RHINOCON from the 10th to the 12th September, and the conference promises to be a feast for all under the able chairmanship of Dr Ashok Gupta at the Geetanjali Medical College, Udaipur.
I am enclosing the notice for the Annual General Body which will be convened at 6.15pm on the 10th September. The Election notice is also appended for the next year's Governing Body.Both of these have already been sent by post.
Please register for the conference in large numbers to make it a success. During the conference, we have an academic feast coming up and along with it we have the Senior and Junior Consultants award papers, the annual Quiz, the poster session award, the Residents award paper,Orations, guest lectures, Cadeveric dissection, Live surgery sessions, Panel discussions, free papers and lots of other activities. However, it will be mandatory for all the friends participating in the conference and in the award sessions to register for the conference.
I have a small request- Please help us update our records for better communication with everyone.You can mail all your updated details so that I can update our records.This is all the more important as this year we are making Life membership certificates for all our life members.
We hope to see you all during the conference at Udaipur.
With warm regards,
Dr Achal Gulati,
Hony. Secretary,AIRS
Professor, Deptt. of ENT,
Maulana Azad Medical College,
New Delhi

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