Monday 25 December 2023

Office Bearers for the year 2023-24


Dr Bachi Hathiram, Mumbai

Phone: 9004051418

Hony Secretary

Dr. Ajay Jain, Delhi

Phone: 9871467637

Hony Treasurer 

Dr. Sanjeev Arora, Delhi

Phone: 9891937556

President (elect)       Dr. Rohit Sharma, Bareilly

Vice President.         Dr Gaurav Gupta, Bikaner

Joint Secretary         Dr Vicky Khattar, Mumbai

Past President          Dr Atul Jain, Delhi

Zonal Coordinator 

North  Dr. Anuragini Gupta, Chandigarh

East    Dr. Shantanu Panja, Kolkatta 

West   Dr Hetal Patel, Mumbai

South Dr Rajinigandh, Madurai

Governing body members


               1.  Dr Geeta Solanki (Bikaner)

               2. Dr A S Maan (Amritsar)

               3. Dr Vijay Rangachari (Bengaluru)

               4. Dr Monish Saroch (Tanda)

               5. Dr Roopa Vedantam (Vellore)

               6. Dr Swapan Kumar Sarkar (Delhi)

               7. Dr Vikram Khanna (Mumbai)

               8. Dr Neelima Gupta (Delhi)

               9. Dr Shruti Baruah (Guwahati)

               10. Dr Adesh Saxena (Rewari)

    Nominated member

              1 Dr. Raman Sharma (Mumbai)

              2. Dr. Milind Navalakhe  (Mumbai)

Chairman Editorial Board

Dr. Sanjay Sood, Delhi

Editor in chief 

Dr. Ashok Gupta, Chandigarh

Editorial Board Members 

Dr Karan Sharma, Amritsar

Dr Mohnish Grover, Jaipur

Dr Ravi Meher, Delhi

Dr Divya Aggarwal, Delhi

Website Editor

Dr. Rahul Aggarwal (Delhi)

Tuesday 19 December 2023

Name of the winners in the Award Category

Senior Consultant Award Paper

1. Dr Jaimanti Bakshi (AIRS LM number 316)

2. Dr Sapna S Nambiar (AIRS LM number 700)

3. Dr Lalee Varghese (AIRS LM number 820)

Neena Saharia Junior Consultant Award Paper

1. Dr Anuragini Gupta (Life Membership number 850)

2. Dr Hafees Abdullah (Life Membership number 1203)

3. Dr Nedha Joy (Life Membership number 1168)

Resident Award Paper

1.  .......................................

2. Dr. Aakriti (1184)/ Dr Riyaz M (1226)

Dr Anoop Raj Award - Poster Session

1. Dr Dhruv Kapoor (AIRS LM number 1198)

2. Dr. Nehal Lal (AIRS LM number 1086)

Dr Arvind Soni Award - Video Session

1. Dr Kalyana Sundaram CT (Life Membership number 1205)

Thursday 9 November 2023

AIRS General body meeting Agenda and Election Notice 2023

 Dear Members,

This is to inform you about the Annual General Body Meeting of the All India Rhinology Society

(AIRS), which will be held during the 34th Annual Conference in Bikaner.

Venue: Lallgarh Palace/Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner Date: 16th December 2023 Time:

5.00 PM


1. To adopt the minutes of the last GBM held in Delhi.

2. Condolence resolution if any.

3. Report of the Hony. Secretary.

4. Report of the Hony. Treasurer.

5. Admission of new members.

6. To consider proposals received during the year: a) To consider proposals for the

conference for the year 2024 & 2025.

7. Approval of amendments if any in the constitution of the society.

8. Election of the new office bearer if required.

9. Installation of the new office bearer.

10. Any other matter with the permission of the chair.



Election notice is given for calling nominations from members of AIRS for the following posts of

the Governing Body for the year 2023-24. Elections will be held as per the election guidelines of

AIRS Constitution.


 President Elect: one post

 Vice President: ONE Post

 Joint Secretary: One Post

 Governing body members: TEN Posts


1. President Elect: Minimum 5 years membership, one tenure as governing body member.

2. Vice President: Minimum 5 years membership, one tenure as governing body member.

3. Governing body member: Minimum 2 years membership.



Name of Member: ________________________________________________

AIRS Membership Number: _________________________

Post applied for: ______________________________________________________

Proposed by: _Membership number


Seconded by: __________ Membership number_________


Signature of member with Name and date

The nominations may be sent in the given format by Registered Post / Courier/email to:

Dr Ajay Jain

Hony. Secretary, AIRS 

Address: ENT Clinic, Shop 1, DDA Market 1, G Block, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110092 


Last Date for receiving Nominations: 30th November 2023 

Last date for withdrawal of Nomination Forms: 9th December 2023 

Date of Elections (If required): 16th December 2023

We look forward to your active participation and attendance at the Annual General Body Meeting

and the election process. Your contributions and support are essential for the growth and

progress of AIRS.


Dr Ajay Jain,

Hony Secretary,

All India Rhinology Society

Thursday 25 May 2023

Guidelines for Abstract Submission at Rhinocon 2023, Bikaner


Submission Guidelines

  • Category of abstract - Rhinology and Skull Base.
  • The structured abstract should be of a minimum 300 words for all sessions.
  • The abstract must be original and should not have been published.
  • The already presented paper will be not accepted.
  • No proxy presentation is allowed.
  • Registration of participants is a must for participation.
  • The last date for abstract submission is 31st October 2023.
  • The matter presented can be used by the All India Rhinology Society for its journal or YouTube channel.
  • All award participants have To be AIRS Members

Guidelines for awards



For Sr. Consultant & Jr. Consultants

  • Duration of presentation - 8 mins
  • Discussion Time - 2 mins
  • The abstract must be original and should not have been published Last date of submission is 31st October 2023 Should be preregistered for the conference Structured abstract should be submitted

For Residents

  • Duration of Presentation - 6 mins
  • Discussion Time - 2 mins
  • Should be with the permission of the HOD
  • The abstract must be original and should not have been published Last date of submission is 31st October, 2023 Should be preregistered for the conference Structured abstract should be submitted


Category of Awards

Kindly Note: Any Participant exceeding the limit will be disqualified

  • For Senior Consultants Paper - Dr. IS Gupta Award
  • For Junior Consultant Paper - Neena Saharia Award.
  • For Poster Session - Dr. Anoop Raj Award
  • For Video Session - Dr. Arvind Soni Award
  • For Quiz - Yagya Darshan Award
  • Resident Paper Award

Friday 17 February 2023

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