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Friday 2 August 2013

25th Silver Jubilee RHINOCON 2012 in pictures

Awards 25th Rhinocon, New Delhi

Dr I S Gupta Senior Consultant Award Paper

Dr Surinder Singhal    (Chandigarh)

Dr P Chatterjee Junior Consultant Award Paper
Dr Mohnish Grover      (Jaipur)

Video Presentation Award

Dr Amitabh Roychaudhary   (Calcutta)

Resident Award Paper

Dr Divya Gupta             (Delhi)
Dr Tanvi Lohiya            (Mumbai)

Dr Anoop Raj Chopra Poster Award

Dr Purnima                    (Delhi)

Yag Darshan Rai Quiz

Dr S Sindhura             (Chandigarh)
Dr Suman Thapa        (Chandigarh)

Rhinocon 2012

The All India Rhinology Society is organizing its 25th Silver Jubilee Conference from 16th to 18th November 2012 at the India Habitat Centre New Delhi.

As you know that we, the organizing committee and the office bears of the AIRS are going all out for the conference and so do expect a great participation from all our members.
For this I request you to register for it and attend.
This is the conference which is dedicated to our dear founder member, Dr. V.P.Sood, and all of us want an active participation of all the members.
The Surgical CME program is on the 16th November with live surgery transmission to the IHC from AIIMS. Prof. (Dr.) Suresh Sharma, Head of Department of ENT, AIIMS  has kindly consented to be the Chairman and Prof. (Dr) Rakesh Kumar , AIIMS its Chief Co-ordinator.
We will be having Prof. (Dr) Thomas Hummel, from Dresden, Germany to not only give a Guest Oration on Olfaction, but will also conduct an insructional course on the same topic which is a new frontier for us in the field of Rhinology.
Other Guest Orations will be delivered by our very dynamic, visionary and innovative surgeon, Prof. (Dr) Ashok Gupta from PGI Chandigarh, and Dr. Prathmesh Pai, from Tata Memorial Hospital who is spearheading endonasal removal of skull base tumors in the country.
May I request you to personally participate and inspire our colleagues and residents to do so too for the prestigious competitive events.
For the Consultants there is the Senior( Dr. I.S.Gupta) and Junior(Dr. Chatterjee) Consultant Paper Awards.
Please send our residents to this silver jubilee AIRS Conference for honing their knowledge. 
For them there is the  Prof.(Dr) Anoop Raj Poster Competition and for resident teams there is the Yagdarshan Rai Quiz Competition.
The free paper session is where a good scientific debate can ensue, please participate in that too
Please submit the abstracts of the award and free papers as well as for the poster and intimation of participation of the quiz competition by the 15th of October 2012, so that they can be incorporated in time in the souvenir.
Other details and the schedule of registration charges is available in the e-brouchre through the official website rhinocon2012.
Yours in affection and anticipation,
Dr. Devinder Rai
Organizing Secretary, Rhinocon2012
 mob: +919999250654(personal) +919811009393(Ms. Indira) +919873906161 (Ms. Geeta)

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