Tuesday 3 November 2015


Venue: SRMS Institute of Medical Sciences, Bareilly   
Date  Saturday 28th Nov 2015  Time: 5.00 PM


1.       To adopt the minutes of the last GBM held in Simla
2.       Condolence Resolution if any
3.       Report of the Hony Secretary
4.       Report of the Hony Treasurer
5.       Admission of new members
6.       To consider proposals received during the year
a.       Confirmation of the proposed venue Hyderabad for the forthcoming annual conference for the year 2016
b.      To consider proposals for the conference for the year 2017
7.       Approval of amendments in the constitution of the Society
8.       Election of the new office bearers, if required
9.       Installation of the new office bearers
1.   Any other matter with permission of the chair

Dr. Atul Jain
Hony Secretary
All India Rhinology Society

Election notice for the governing body of All India Rhinology Society2015-2016

Election notice is given for calling nominations from members of IRS for the following posts of the governing body for the year 2015-2016

Elections will be held as per the guidelines of AIRS constitution

1.       Vice President – one post
2.       Joint secretary – one post ( member should be outside Delhi)
3.       Executive members – Ten posts


1.       Vice president: Minimum 3 years of membership or one tenure as governing body member
2.       Joint secretary: Should not be from Delhi. Minimum 3 years of membership or one tenure as governing body member
3.       Governing Body Member: 2 years of membership of the society

Last date for receiving the nominations: 24th Nov 2015
Last date of withdrawal of nomination: 27th Nov 2015
Nominations may be sent in the given format by registered post/ courier to Dr Atul Jain, Hony Secretary AIRS, 153, Rishabh Vihar Delhi 110092

Please tear and detach and send by Registered Post / Couriers/scanned and
 E-mailed with a covering letter. Please copy this nomination form in a word file. Edit the word file with your particulars and either send the same file or send a scan copy.


Name of Member:_____________________________________________________

AIRS Membership Number: ____________________________________________

Post applied for: ______________________________________________________

Proposed by: _____________________             Seconded by: __________________

Membership number______________              Membership number___________

Address:_________________________             Address:______________________

________________________________              ______________________________

________________________________              ______________________________

Phone number____________________             Phone number:________________

Email: __________________________              Email: _______________________

Signature________________________              Signature_____________________

Signature of member with Name and date

Saturday 31 October 2015

CME Credit hours

Dear Colleagues,

Pleasure informing you that 28th Annual Conference of All India Rhinology Society to be held at SRMS Institute of Medical Sciences has been awarded 12 Credit Hours by MCI (UP - 10393/15). To avail this, the dates for Registration (with normal fees) and scientific contributions have been extended till 10th November.
Assuring an academic and cultural feast.
For details visit the website or email us.

Warm Regards

Organizing President
Dr Rohit Sharma
Prof & Head
Dept of ENT- Head & Neck Surgery
SRMS Institute of Medical Sciences
Bareilly (UP) 243202

Friday 24 July 2015


It is for your information that website for RHINOCON (www.rhinocon2015.in) is now active with facility of online registration and scientific submissions. 

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