Saturday 19 August 2017

consent for Endoscopic Sinus surgery

Informed consent for endoscopic sinus surgery
Informed Consent for
 (Approved by All India Rhinology Society)
son/daughter/wife of: 
Age &sex: 


1. I have spoken to the doctor (s) who has/ have explained that I/my  have/ has (condition/symptoms/provisional diagnosis) 

2. What might happen to me/my if we do not treat this condition has been explained to me. The different ways to treat the conditions and the advantages and disadvantages of each of these was discussed with me. The Doctor has informed me that my problem may have arisen as a consequence of an allergy and has accordingly asked me to be treated for it as the surgery itself is only a part of the treatment. 

3. The doctor wants (suggested) me/ my to have the following operation (s) or procedure (s): ESS/Septal Surgery/Turbinate Surgery 

4. The doctor talked to me about how this surgery or treatment might help me. The doctor explained that the treatment might change if there was a change in my condition or if they find something different during treatment. The doctor also told me about how long it would take me to recover. 

5. I am fully aware that the treatment/ surgery/ procedure is being performed in good faith and no guarantee/ assurance has been given as to the result that may be obtained. The doctor gave me an opportunity to ask questions about my condition and different ways to treat it.The doctor answered my questions. I am satisfied with the answers about my treatment.

6. I have been fully explained that there can be risks, complications or side-effects about any operation or medical procedure or anaesthesia. I know the doctor cannot tell me about every possible risk, complication or side-effect. We did talk about the major ones (for example : bleeding, infection, pneumonia, heart complications, blood clots, risk to life) that could happen if I have the operation or procedure. However the chances of these major complications are very rare. One to two percent of the patients can have bleeding which may require controlling it under anesthesia.

7. The doctor also explained me about these other risks :severe bleeding possibly requiring transfusions and possibly leading to stroke and/or death, bleeding into the eye and/or brain requiring external incisions for drainage, persistent nasal crusting, persistent tearing and/or damage to the tear ducts, damage to the nasal septum including hole formation in the septum, numbness and/or chronic pain to the forehead, face, and/or teeth, new or persistent infection with possible spread or infection to form brain infection or abscess, loss of or damage to sense of smell and/or taste, eye infection or abscess, and infection in distant spots of the body, damage to the eyes including permanent blurred vision and/or blindness, brain damage including damage to the lining of the brain, temporary or permanent scarring of the sinuses, with brain fluid leak, the need for further sinus, eye, or brain operations including operations that lead to external scarring, heart attack, stroke and/or death, and other unanticipated risks. Again these complications are extremely rare. 

8. The doctor gave me a chance to ask questions about these risks and any other risks I wanted to know about. The doctor answered my questions. lam satisfied with the answers about the risks.

9. The doctor has explained to me that the doctor or whosoever may be designated as assistant may be doing important tasks related to surgery or procedure under the direction of the doctor. 

l0 This surgery will be performed under local/ general anaesthesia.The doctor has explained to me about the general/complications of drug interactions, blood transfusion and risk to life. 

11. If something unexpected happens or is found during the procedure or operation, that in the doctors opinion. Pose an immediate and substantial risk to my health and needs treatment in addition to or different from what is described above,  also agree that the doctor (s) may at that time provide the treatment that is immediately necessary. 

12. In the event of any systemic complications, I authorize the doctor (s) to transfer the case to an appropriate medical centre for necessary treatment. 

13. Any tissues or parts surgically removed may be sent for examination/disposed off in accordance with accustomed practice. 

14. I consent to pictures or videos being recorded or televised during my treatment for medical, research or educational purposes, as long as my identity is not shared. 
Ajay Jain at 1:46 PM

Monday 7 August 2017

Notice for the meeting of executive members and past presidents during Annual conference at Amritsar

Dear members,

Meeting of the executive members of governing body of All India Rhinology Society will be held on 19th August 2017 at Hotel Blu Radisson, Amritsar at 2 PM.

All governing body members are requested to participate.

During Lunch, another meeting will also take place of past presidents of All India Rhinology Society and all past presidents are requested to meet then on 19/08/2017.

Thank you

Dr. Atul Jain

Hony Secy

Thursday 3 August 2017

Rhinology World Congress- Hong Kong 2017

Rhinology World Congress - Hong Kong 2017
Venue: The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
Date: 1 - 3 September 2017
Pre-congress Workshops: 31 August 2017

Monday 10 July 2017


Notice for the annual GBM 30th annual conference at Amritsar

Venue: Hotel Radisson Blu, Amritsar.  

 Date:  19th Aug 2017                                     Time: 5.00 PM


1.   To adopt the minutes of the last GBM held in Hyderabad

2.   Condolence resolution if any

3.   Report of the Hony. Secretary

4.   Report of the Hony. Treasurer

5.   Admission of new members

6.   To consider proposals received during the year:

a)   Confirmation of the proposed venue Bhubaneshwar for the forthcoming annual conference for the year 2018

b)    To consider proposals for the conference for the year 2019

7.   Approval of amendments in the constitution of the society

8.   Election of the new office bearer if required

9.   Installation of the new office bearer

10.                Any other matter with the permission of the chair



Election notice is given for calling nominations from members of the AIRS for the following posts of the Governing Body for the year 2017-18. Elections will be held as per the election guidelines of AIRS Constitution.

Post: President Elect: ONE Post

Post: Vice President: ONE Post

Post: Governing body members: TEN Posts.

Post: Honorary Secretary: One (3years), Delhi

Post: Honorary Treasurer: One(3years), Delhi

Post: Honorary Joint Secretary: One (3years),

Clinical Rhinology Journal:

Editorial Board Chairman: One(3years)


1.  President Elect : Minimum 5 years membership, one tenure as governing body member

2. Vice President: Minimum 5 years membership, one tenure as governing body member

3.  Honorary Secretary, Honorary Join Secretary and Treasurer: Minimum 3 years membership, one tenure as governing body member

4. Governing body member: Minimum 2 years membership.

5. Editorial Board Chairman: Minimum 5 years membership, one tenure as governing body member, 5 Publications


Name of Member: ________________________________________________

AIRS Membership Number: _________________________

Post applied for: ______________________________________________________

Proposed by: __________Membership number_________ 


Seconded by: __________ Membership number_________


Signature of member with Name and date

The nominations may be sent in the given format by Registered Post / Courier/email to:

Dr Atul Jain

Hony. Secretary, AIRS

Address: 153, Rishabh Vihar, Delhi 110092.

Last Date for receiving Nominations: 10th August 2017

Last date for withdrawal of Nomination Forms: 14th August 2017

Date of Elections (If required): 19th August 2017

Governing body Members 2015-16

All India Rhinology Society

Patron: Dr Prem Kakkar

Dr Devinder Rai , Delhi
Phone: 9999250654

President Elect:
Dr Sanjay Sood, Delhi

Immediate Past President:
Dr Achal Gulati, Delhi

Hony. Secretary:
Dr Atul Jain, Delhi
Phone: 9811120545

Hony. Treasurer:
Dr Ajay Jain, Delhi
Phone: 9871467637

Vice President:
Dr Rohit Sharma, Bareilly

Hony Joint Secretary:
Dr. Mohnish Grover, Jaipur

Governing Body Members:

Dr Ajit Man Singh, Delhi
Dr. Bhaskar Prasad Raju, Hyderabad
Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Bikaner
Dr. Preetam Chapatti, Bhuvneshwar
Dr. Rahul Aggarwal, Delhi
Dr. Ranjan Aiyer, Vadodara
Dr. Sarika Verma, Chandigarh
Dr Sharad Maheshwari, Delhi
Dr AjitMan Singh, Delhi
Dr. Varun Nabh, Chandigarh
Dr. Vineet Sharma, Bareilly

Clinical Rhinology

Editorial Board

Dr N K Mohindroo, Shimla

Editor in Chief
Dr Ashok K Gupta, Chandigarh

Website EditorDr Ajay Jain, Delhi

Zonal Coordinators:Dr Sandeep Bansal, North, Chandigarh
Dr Manoj Krishnan, South, Hyderabad
Dr Ranjan Aiyer, West, Vadodara
Dr Amitabh Roy Chaudhary, East, Kolkata

Saturday 8 April 2017

Executives body meeting

Dear Friends,

Next Governing body meeting of executive members of All India Rhinology Society  will be held on 23rd April 2017 during Lunch at Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh. 

Topic of discussion would be 

Please make it convenient to attend


 Dr. Atul Jain

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