Tuesday 11 October 2022

Results of Award session at Rhinocon 2022 MAMC


Dr Arvind Soni Video Session

Dr Surinder K Singhal (Chandigarh)

Excision of Frontal Meningocele with CSF Rhinorrhea Repair

Dr Anupraj Poster Session : 

Dr Subhankar (Base Hospital delhi)

Yag Darshn Rai Quiz: 

Dr Karandeep Singh Dr Shafat Ahmed (MAMC)

Dr I S Gupta Senior Consultant Award: 

Prof Raman Wadhera (Rohtak)

 Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma

Junior Consultant Award:

Dr Nitika Gupta (Jammu)

Center Compartment Atopic Disease

Resident Award Paper: 

Dr Sakshi Negi

The Dreadful Effect Analysis of Oro/Nasopharyngeal Swab Test done for Covid 19

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