Tuesday 22 April 2014


Notice is given for convening the Annual General Body Meeting of the

All India Rhinology Society during the Annual Conference of the Society at Shimla.

Venue: IGMC,Shimla

Date: Saturday, 31st May, 2014

Time: 5.00 PM


  1. To adopt the minutes of the last GBM held at Delhi
  2. Condolence resolutions, if any
  3. Report of the Hony. Secretary.
  4. Report of the Hony. Treasurer.
  5. Admissions of the new members.
  6. To consider proposals received during the Year:

a)      Confirmation of the proposed Venue (Bareily) for the forthcoming conferences for the year 2015

b)      To consider proposals for forthcoming conferences for the year 2015

c)      To consider and approve the changed amendments of the constitutions, if any

  1. Election of new Office Bearers ,if required
  2. Installation of new Office Bearers.
  3. Any other matter with the permission of the chair.

Signed. And Dated: 16th April, 2014

Dr Sanjay Sood

Hony. Secretary,

All IndiaRhinology Society

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