Monday 30 September 2013

RHINOCON 2013 (26th AIRS Conference) at Vadodara 27th to 29th September2013

Key Note Address                                                 Dr A.K.Aggarwal
DR V.P.SOOD ORATION                                   Dr Thulasi Das
SMT. UDHI DEVI SOOD ORATION                 Dr P.S.N.Murthy
AIRS ORATION                                                   Dr Arvind Soni
Dr I.S.Gupta Senior Consultant Award Paper          Dr Sujay Joshi
Dr P Chatterjee Junior Consultant Award Paper      Dr Amit kumar Tyagi
AIRS VIDEO PRESENTATION Award                 Dr Shafqat Islam
Dr Anoop Raj Poster Presentation Award              Dr Sandeep Bansal
Resident Award Paper                                            Dr  Bhumika Gupta
Yag Darshan Rai Residents Quiz                         Dr. Samuel Rajan & Dr Poonam Sagar                                                                         (Maulana Azad Medical College Delhi)

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