Friday 2 August 2013

Program Rhinocon 2011

Day 1: Thursday, April 28, 2011

Venue: Auditorium, New College Building, Level
8.00 am onwards - Registration

9.00- 9.30 am - Video session.
      Chairpersons: Dr TL Parmar, Dr Jaymin Contractor

9.30 – 10.30 am – Invited Talks (Session I)
Chairpersons: Dr. Ashok Kumar Vaid (ENT), Dr. B. Narsimha Rao
* Dr. P. S Saharia, New Delhi
Topic: Septoplasty can change the shape of the nose
* Dr. Ashok Kr. Gupta, Chandigarh
Topic:  CSF rhinorrhoea – Surgical controversies
* Dr Prepageran Narayanan, Malaysia
Topic: Endoscopic transnasal surgery of the cranial fossa
* Dr. Suresh Sharma, New Delhi
Topic: Inverted papilloma – Management philosophy

10.30– 11.15 am – Udhi Devi Sood Oration
Chairpersons: Dr. L. S. Ojha; Dr. Achal Gulati
Speaker: Benjamin S. A. Campomanes Jr., Philippines
Topic: Gross and radiologic anatomy of the nose and paranasal sinuses with practical applications for endoscopic sinus surgery

11.15 am – 12.00 noon – AIRS Oration
Chairpersons: Dr. Anoop Raj, Dr. Sanjay Sood
Speaker: Dr Mohan Kameswaran, Chennai
Topic: Endoscopic Sinus Surgeon and the Skull Base

12.00 noon – 12.30 pm – Invited Talks (Session II)
Chairpersons: Dr. Neelima Gupta, Dr Amit Goyal
* Dr. Nishit Shah, Mumbai
Topic: Frontal sinus surgery
* Dr. P. S. Bhandari, New Delhi
Topic: Cartilage grafts in Rhinoplasty 

12.30- 1.15 pm – Dr. L. S. Ojha / Dr. B. K. Ojha Memorial Panel Discussion
Chairpersons: Dr SB Phukan, Dr Gautam Khaund
Topic: Nasal and Paranasal tumours and management
Moderator: Dr. Kuddush Ahmed, Guwahati
* Dr. Moni A. Kuriakose, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Bangalore
* Dr.  B. S. Tuli, ENT Head & Neck Surgeon, Patiala
* Dr Suresh Sharma, New Delhi
* Dr TN Janakiraman, Trichy
* Dr. Alok Thakkar, New Delhi
* Dr. Pankaj Choudhuri, Radiation Oncologist, Siliguri
* Dr. Anandabrata Bose, ENT Head & Neck Surgeon, Siliguri
* Dr. Yogesh Verma, Senior Pathologist, Gangtok
* Dr Prathmesh Pai, Oncosurgeon, Mumbai

1.30 – 2 pm – Lunch

1.30 – 5 pm – Dr. Anoop Raj Poster Award Session
Chairpersons: Dr. Nishi Sharma, Dr. Alok Thakkar, Dr. Nishit Shah

2.00 – 2.45 pm – V. P. Sood Oration
Chairpersons: Dr Nishit Shah, Dr JC Passey
Speaker: Dr Milind Kirtane, Mumbai
Topic: Endoscopic DCR
2.45 – 3.15 pm – Invited Talks (Session III)
Chairpersons: Dr SK Verma, Dr Unnikrishnan K Menon
* Dr. Atul Shah, Vadodara;
      Topic: Law and Rhinoplasty
* Dr Arvind Soni, New Delhi;
      Topic: The Rhinologist and the Pituitary

3.15 – 4.00 pm – Panel Discussion
Chairpersons: Dr Ajit Man Singh, Dr Ravinder Verma
Topic: Allergic rhinitis and its management approach
Moderator: Dr. A. K. Agarwal, New Delhi
* Dr. Benjamin S. A. Campomanes Jr., Philippines
* Dr. Mohan Kameswaran, Chennai
* Dr. Prepageran Narayanan, Malaysia
* Dr. S. K. Khanna, Gangtok
* Dr. Y. N. Maru, Indore
* Dr. Ranjan Aiyer, Vadodara
* Dr. Sanjay Sood, New Delhi
* Dr. Achal Gulati, New Delhi

4.00- 5.00 pm – Dr. IS Gupta Senior Consultant Award Papers
Chairpersons: Dr. R. N Salhan, Dr. Janakiraman, Dr. Himani Lade

5.00 – 6.00 pm – General Body Meeting

6.00 – 7.00 pm – INAUGURATION

7.30 pm onwards – Banquet dinner (Orange Village Resort)

Day 2: Friday, April 29, 2011

Venue: New College Building, Level 6
9.00-9.30 am - Invited Talks (Session IV)
Chairpersons:  Dr Lakshmi Vaid, Dr Kalpana Sharma
* Dr Benjamin Campomanes, Philippines
      Topic: Endoscopic Surgery for Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma
* Dr Prepageran Narayanan, Malaysia
      Topic: "Endoscopic surgery of the Optic Nerve"
9.30 am – 1 pm – Live Surgical Workshop:
Procedures to be shown: FESS for sinusitis, Fungal Sinusitis, Nasal Polyps
* Surgeons:  Dr Mohan Kameswaran, Dr Nishit Shah, Dr TN Janakiraman
* Moderator: Dr. B.S Tuli, Patiala, Dr Surinder Singhal, Chandigarh, Dr A. B Bose, Siliguri

1.00 – 2.00 pm – Lunch

2.00-3.00 pm - Invited Talks (Session V):
Chairpersons: Dr A.K Agarwal, Dr PK Saikia
* Dr. Alok Thakar, New Delhi;
Topic: Orbital decompression for Thyroid Exophthalmos
* Dr.  Devinder Rai, New Delhi
      Topic: Coblation Surgery
* Dr. Amitabh Roy Choudhury, Kolkata
Topic: Endoscopic DCR
* Dr. PSN Murthy, Vijaywada
Topic: Changing Concepts in management of CRS

3.00 – 4.00 pm – Dr. P. Chatterjee Junior Consultant Award Paper
Chairpersons: Dr. Dalbir Singh, Dr. Nishi Sharma, Dr. Surendra Singh
4.00 – 4.45 pm - Yogdarshan Rai Quiz
Quizmaster: Dr JC Passey, New Delhi

4.45 – 6.00 pm – Resident Award Paper
Chairpersons: Dr. B. S. Tuli, Dr. Anand Acharya, Dr. Sandeep Bansal

6.30 – 8 pm – Cultural Programme

8.00 pm onwards – Dinner
Day 3: April 30, 2011
Venue: Department of Anatomy Dissection Hall, New College Building, Level 3
9.00 am – 1.00 pm – Cadaveric Demonstration
      Dr. TN Janakiram
1.00 – 2.00 pm – Lunch
2.00 – 5.00 pm – Cadaveric Demonstration
      Dr. TN Janakiram


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