Sunday, 17 May 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic and Annual RHINOCON 2020

Dear Executive Committee Members and past presidents,

33rd annual conference of All India Rhinology Society (RHINOCON-2020) Is scheduled for 28-30th August 2020 at Bikaner.
Under the present circumstances it may not be possible to hold this conference as scheduled.
Many of the colleagues as informed are also of this view.
However I request all of you to kindly intimate your view point and any other suggestion for All India Rhinology Society.
Kindly Intimate me at the undermentioned mobile/WhatsApp/email so that final decision is made.

Dr. Karan Sharma
President AIRS,
Professor Emeritus,
GMC, Amritsar.

Mobile number :- 9872224441
Email :-

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Rhinocon 2020 Bikaner

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to inform you that the 33rd Annual Meeting of Rhinology Society of India (RHINOCON 2020) will be hosted by the Bikaner Chapter from 28th- 30th August- 2020.

This conference will provide you with the unique opportunity to enhance knowledge and update yourself with the latest advances in the field of Rhinology and Skull base surgery. Highlights of this conference would include Live Surgery sessions, one on one interaction with the operating faculty, Symposium, panel discussions, Lectures, Interactive Sessions, award sessions for residents, faculty, video and poster presentations for awards, free paper / poster sessions.

Bikaner is Located in the midst of Thar Desert, Bikaner is a "cultural paradise and a traveller's haven". The city will mesmerize you with the camels sauntering its beautiful sand dunes and captivate you with its ancient palaces and forts. Bikaner is also famous for hosting the international Camel Festival which draws tourists from world over and Junagarh fort, Lalgarh Palace, Kote Gate, Karni Mata Temple and Gajner Palace are some of the well known monuments of the city.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we assure you a scientific feast and a very memorable and pleasant stay in Bikaner. We look forward to your presence for making this conference a grand success.

With Best Regards

Dr. Deep Chand and Dr. Gaurav Gupta

For Registration, Please click the following link: RHINOCON2020


The Park Paradise, Bikaner

The Park Paradise is a selection of luxury experiences and welcoming 5 star luxury hotels in Bikaner with 83 AC Rooms, 2 Banquet Hall (4000 sq feet each), 2 Garden (20000 sq feet each), waterfall etc. The famous Junagarh Fort is 3.8 km from The Park Paradise, while Kodamdeshwar Temple is 4.3 km from the property. The nearest airport at Bikaner is 18 km from the venue and the distance between railway station to venue is 2.5 km.


28th- 30th August- 2020 | 

Conference Secretariat

Dr Gaurav Gupta
Organizing Secretary 2-D-81, Jai Narayan Vyas Colony,
Bikaner, Rajasthan 334003
M: +91-86968 99099

Conference Manager
Summit - Alpcord Network
607, Mahima Trinity Mall, Swaj Farm,
New Sanganer Road, Jaipur - 302019
Phone: 0141-2297910 W:


Sunday, 3 November 2019

Governing Body 2019-20

GOV Body 2019-20
Pres           Dr Karan Sharma
Pres elect  Dr Atul Jain
Vice P.        Dr Bachi Hathiram
Sec.            Dr Rahul Aggarwal 
Tres.           Dr Divya Aggarwal 
Joint Sec.   Dr Gaurav Gupta
Past Pres.   Dr N K Mohindroo 
Web Site In Dr Ajay Jain
Chairman EB Dr Arvind Soni
Editor in chief Dr Ashok Gupta
Invited Memb Dr Manu Malhotra
Zonal Coordinator 
Dr Manish Grover North
Dr Venkatram Reddy South
Dr CH Preetam East 
Gov body memb
Dr Deepti Sinha
Dr Vikram Khanna
Dr Karunesh 
Dr Rohit Sharma
Dr Sanjeev Arora
Dr Sameer Aeron
Dr R k Jha
Dr Vicky Khatter
Dr Sajad Qazi
Dr Ravi Mehar

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Updated Scientific Programme

29th August 2019

  Pre-conference CME

Dept of ENT, Head and neck surgery Fortis Hospital Mohali in collaboration with Dept of ENT, Head & Neck surgery, and Dept of Anatomy PGIMER, Chandigarh

Venue : Hotel Lalit, Chandigarh 

9:00 – 9:10

09:15AM – 10:30AM

Diagnostic nasal endoscopy
Routine endoscopic procedures
Endoscopic DCR
Orbital decompression
Optic nerve decompression
Trans sphenoidal approaches

Basic-10:45AM -12:00PM
Advanced 12:15 PM – 13:45 PM

Working Lunch: 13:45PM – 14:15PM

Basic 14:00 – 15:15
Advanced 15 :30 – 17:00

Course- coordinators: Prof. Rijuneeta, Prof. Anjali Agarwal, Dr. Tulika Gupta

Restricted to
Participants: 24
Stations:       06

Batch 1
1. Vinti Jain  
2. Piyusha Rastogi
3. Raman Sharma
4. Sahil Kapoor
5. Alka Kapil
6. Aishwarya

Batch 2 (advanced)
1. Monika
2. Diksha
3. Kanishka
4. Ashima
5. M.L Jain
6. Manswita Roy

Batch 3
1. Rachna Dhingra
2. Neeru Bharti
3. Sheetal
4. Vikrant
5. Niti
6. Kanav

Batch 4 (Advanced)
1. Sambhu Nath
2. Sandeep Trehan
3. Ridhima Kaul
4. Sumeet Mahajan
5. Debapriyo Saha
6. Shilpam Sharma

Please note:
·        All registered delegates for the cadaveric dissection will lead to cadaveric dissection hall, Anatomy Dept, PGI, Chandigarh at 08: 30 am on the 29th August 2019

·       The cadaveric dissection demonstration would commence at sharp 09:15 am for all batches.

30th August 2019

REGISTRATION : 8.00 AM onwards


Coordinator surgical session: GD Rattan, J Bakshi, S Mohindra

Session 1: 8:30 – 10:00

Moderator: Nitin Mathur, Pankaj Arora, Veneet Pandhi

Session 2: 10:15 – 12:15

Moderator: Arjun Dass, Manjit Singh, Gaurav Gupta

Session 3: 12:15 - 14:00

Moderators: Karan Sharma, Yash Sharma, Rupa Mehta, Dr. Prabhu

Session 4: 14: 30 - 16:30

Moderators: Hemant Chopra, Jagdeepak Singh, C Preetam

Revision FESS
CSF rhinorrhoea Repair
Robot assisted sleep surgery
Orbital decompression
Optic nerve decompression
(Note: Surgeries are subject to availability)

17:00 – 18:00       Senior Consultant Award: (7 min. each)
Inferior turbinate hypertrophy: Management (Venkatram reddy; Hyderabad)

Visual outcomes in endoscopic optic nerve decompression in various optic neuropthies (MG Rajiniganth; Karnataka)

Trans-nasal endoscopic CSF rhinorrhoea repair for bilateral multiple skull base defects: A prospective study (Grace Budhiraja, Punjab)

Skull base mucormycosis: a new comrade (S. Mohindra, Chandigarh)
Orbit in Sinonasal Malignancies (Rohit, Bareilly)

Rare & Unexpected Cause For Epistaxis In A Hypertensive Patient (Deviprasad D, Mangalore)

Visual outcome of endoscopic optic nerve sheath fenestration in IIH (Rijuneeta, Chandigarh)
Breaking the CSF barriers: A rhinologist’spersepective (Nitin Gupta, Chandigarh)
                              Chairpersons: Vinod Garg, Lakshmi Vaid,DS Dhillon

Sleep Dis-ordered Breathing
18:05 – 18:40         Sleep talk (Jagdeepak Singh, Punjab)

                              Anesthesia consideration in Robot assisted sleep surgery (AC Swami, Punjab)

Chairpersons: Rahul Agarwal, Anurag Ramavat, Vikram Dhaliwal

Dinner 19:30 onwards

31st August 2019

Hall 1

Cranio-nasal corridor

09:30 – 11:30         (12 min. each)

Chairpersons: R K Saxena, Deepak Haldipur, Lakshmi Vaid

Anatomy of Middle cranial Fossa and endoscopic surgical approach to pituitary (Amit Babel: Gujarat)

Trans-sphenoidal pituitary macroadenoma excision: tips & tricks (Gaurav Gupta: Rajasthan)
Skull base reconstruction: Hadad Flap (Rijuneeta: Chandigarh)

Craniopharngioma (SS Dhandapani, Chandigarh)

Chairpersons: Bachi Hathiram, Ravi Meher, Anil K Jain                             

Traumatic optic neuropathy: our experience (Sudesh Kumar: HP)

Principles of endoscopic skull base surgery (Mohinish Grover, Rajasthan)
                              Anterior skull base CSF rhinorrhoea (Sanjeev Arora, Delhi)

                              Chairpersons: S. Varshney, Anoop Raj, Pramod Kalsotra
Management of more than 200 cases of Skull Base Aspergillosis over 20 years: Better but still not cure (Sandeep Mohindra, Chandigarh)

Endoscopic endo-nasal management of Clival Chordoma (Khageshwar Rout, Odisha)

Difficulties and dilemmas in Angiofibroma management
(Venkatram Reddy, Hyderabad)

11: 35 – 12: 10       Keynote Address by Imtiaz Qazi, Kuwait
Chairpersons: Nilam Sathe, B R Jain, Madhuri

12:20 –13:05           AIRS Oration (Speaker: Peter Catalano: USA)
                              Chairpersons:N. K. Mohindroo, Rahul Agarwal, Arjun Das

13: 10 – 13: 55       Dr. Ashok Gupta Oration (Speaker: Arvind Soni)

Chairpersons: Karan Sharma, Hemant Chopra, Divya Aggarwal


14:45 – 15:30          Udhi Devi/VP Sood Oration (Achal Gulati: Delhi)
Chairpersons: Ashok Gupta, Atul Jain, Dalbir Singh

16: 00 – 17:00         Panel (Skull Base)
Skull base reconstruction: Ifs and buts?
Moderator: Nishit Shah (Mumbai)

Panelists: Peter Catalano (USA), Devinder Rai (Delhi)

Meghnadh (Hyderabad), Rajeev Kapila (Punjab), Hetal Patel (Mumbai), Anil Dhingra (Haryana) Khageshwar Rout (Odhisha), Mohnish Grover (Rajasthan), DS Dhillon (Punjab)

Chairpersons: V.K. Khosla, Anoop Raj, Sanjeev Arora

17:10 – 17:20         Cross-Fire
                              Skull base reconstruction: Endoscopic vs. Microsurgical approach.
                              (Ashis Pathak Punjab), (Hetal PatelMumbai)
Chairpersons: M. Grover, Gaurav Gupta, Madhuri

Hall 2

Rhinoplasty            (10 mins each)

09:00 – 10:30         Chairpersons: Imtiaz Qazi, Yash Sharma, C Mohan

Rhinoplasty: the science behind art (Manish, Haryana)

                              Aesthetic functional rhinoplasty (Shafqat Islam)
                              Crooked nose (Nitin Gupta, Chandigarh)
                              Basics of Rhinoplasty (Sudeep Munjal, Haryana)

                              Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (KM Kapoor, Chandigarh)

                              Results of augmentation rhinoplasty with rib cartilage (Rakesh Kumar, Delhi)

Closed Rhinoplasty (Nilam Sathe, Mumbai)
                              Management of dorsum in twisted nose (Ankur Sood, Chandigarh)

10: 40 – 11: 15       Panel
                              How to avoid pitfalls in Rhinoplasty?

Moderator: Rakesh Kumar (Delhi)

Panelists: R C Deka (Delhi), K M Kapoor (Chandigarh), Imtiaz Qazi (Kuwait), AB Prabhu (Chandigarh), Yash Sharma (Punjab),Karan Sharma, Nilam Sathe,
K D Singh (Chandigarh), Ajay Jain (Delhi)

Chairpersons: NK Mahindroo, Sanjiv Bhagat, Vaibhav Saini

11:20 – 11: 30        Cross-Fire:

Rhinoplasty: Whose domain?
                              Rakesh Kumar (Delhi) vs. K M Kapoor (Chandigarh)
Chairpersons: R Azad, Kiranbir Singh, Gopika Kalsotra

Hall 3
Resident paper session:   6 mins each

(Award Session 1)

09:30 – 11:00

1.    Role Of Enoscopic Transphenoidal Surgery In Removal Of Pituitary Adenomas: Experience At Our Institute (Manju Silu; Rajasthan)
2.    Rhino-sinogenic headache (Kiran Verma, UP)
3.    Effects of allergic sinusitis on pulmonary function tests (Shreya Sharma, UP)
4.    Blindness-an un-usual ENT Emergency (Abhishek Menon, Mumbai)
5.    Pediatric nasal masses: Our experience (Pankaj Goyal, Mumbai)
6.    Can early intervention prevent blindness in pediatric AFRS (Monika Patidar, Rajasthan)
7.    Management of Orbital Trauma - Our Experience (Sreena Dev, Mumbai)
8.    A Study of SNOT 22 Scores in Adults With No Sinonasal Disease (Dr Shahnaz sheikh, Anantnag)
9.    Endoscopic DacrocystorhinostomyWith Silicon Stenting -: Our Experience (Sonali Sujay Dodal, Mumbai)
10. Orbital exenteration in rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis: A prospective analytical study with scoring system (Bhagyashree Jaipuria, Sion)
11. Retrospective Study of Endoscopic cerebrospinal fluid leak repair (Dr Chaitali Chikhale, Maharashtra)
12. Endoscopic Management Of The Orbit And The Brain In Allergic Fungal Rhinosinusitis (Dr.Snekha P Dominic, Maharashtra)
13. Indications and outcome of balloon sinuplasty in sinonasal pathologies (Dr Priyanka Aage Maharashtra)
14. Unusual landmarks to avoid injury to anterior ethmoidal artery during FESS: a radiological observational study (Praneet, Uttarakhand)
15.  Capillary Hemangioama of a nasal cavity : retrospective study (Roshan R. Jalisatgi)
Chairpersons: Vinay Gupta, Dhiraj Gurwinder Singh, Rishi Raj
Award session II
11:00 – 12:30
16. Role of Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery on olfaction in Chronic Rhinosinusitis with polyps (Shilpa Rafeek, New Delhi)
17. Addition Of Vitamin D To An Intranasal Steroid Improves Control Of Symptoms In Allergic Rhinitis  , (Aishwarya Aparajita, Burla)
18. Sphenoethmoidalmeningoencephaloocele as a cause of recurrent meningitis: a study of 4 cases (Dr. Mugdha Singh, Chandigarh)
19. Effect of endoscopic coblator assisted thermal ablation of posterior nasal nerve in patients of allergic rhinitis (Dr. Vivek Dokania, Mumbai)
20. Traumatic Optic Neuropathy management: our case series (Dr Tanmay Patil, Fellow in Rhinology, Mumbai)
21. Per Cutaneous Vs Endonasal Osteotomy In Rhinoplasty Operations (Irfan-ul-Shamas, J & K)
22. Balloon Sinuplasty: Novel technique: My results (Deepika Chaudhary, Delhi)
23. Day care septoplasty: Is packing necessary (Saba Jamal, UP)
24. Association of micro-organisms in CRS with and without polyposis with clinical scoring, radiological scoring and clinical symptomatology (Helena Babu, UP)
25. The relevance of olfaction and muco-ciliary clearance as functional outcome of FESS (Sneha Gupta )
26. ARIA update 2008: Application in terms of classification, QOL and co-morbidities in AR patients in Northern India (Anmol Agarwal)
27. Extended indication of coablation in nasal surgeries (Anjali Singh, UKD)
28. To study the effect of coablation assisted thermal ablation of bilateral posterior nasal nerve in patients of allergic rhinitis (Vivek Dokania, Mumbai)
29.  Bilateral choanal atresia repair of a neonate using the endoscopicstent-less cross-flap technique (Bhagyashree Jaipuria)
30.  Impact of turbinoplasty on over all results of indicated nasal surgeries  with or without  allergic rhinitis incidence (Himani Singh)

Chairpersons: Munish Munjal, C Mahindroo, Navjot Kaur

Hall 2
Allergy Symposium
16:00 - !7: 00          Moderator: S Jain (10 mins each)

Allergy Cascade (Symptoms and pathophysiology) Nitin Mathur, Chandigarh
                              Diagnosis of Allergic rhinitis: Vikram Khanna

                              ARIA guidelines and pharmacotherapy: Sarika Verma/ Subir Jain

                              Immunotherapy and Beyond: Subir Jain/ Sarika Verma

                              Allergy in pediatric population: Swati Gupta

Panel discussion
                              Moderator: S. Mohindra

Panelists: S Jain, Nitin Mathur,Bachi Hathiram, Sarika Verma, Vikram Khanna

Chairpersons: SP Goyal, Vipin Gupta, Prachi Jain

Hall 3

Symposium on facio-maxillary trauma: (10 mins each)

16: 00 – 17:30         Emergency management of Facio-maxillary trauma (Radiological evaluation and importance) –Kshitij Charya, Punjab
                              Understanding basics of occlusion and mid-facial fractures including approaches (Rajesh Yadav)

                              Role and types of maxilla-mandibular fixation in facial and mandibular fractures (Mayuresh Verma)
                              Basics to advance: Endoscopic fixation of FMI and future ()
Moderator: Mayuresh Verma
                              Chairpersons: R. Abrol, Vikrant Mittal, Ishaan Kaushik

Hall 1

17:15 – 18:30         Medico-legal Aspects in Rhinology
Justice GC Garg
Sanjay Gupta
                              Munish Kapila

                              Moderator: Sanjay Sood

                              Chairpersons: SK Varma, Sarbjeet Singh, Sajad

18:30 – 19:15
Hall 1
Banquet 8 PM Onwards


01st September 2019

Hall 3
Resident paper session 
Session III
09:00 – 10:30        

1.    Head and neck fibrous dysplasia (Dr Chaitali Chikhale, Maharashtra)
2.    Respiratory Epithelial Adenomatoid Hamartoma (REAH) : A Rare Cause of Nasal Obstruction
3.    Pseudo – duanne’s retraction an important clinical sign in medial orbital blowout fracture -
(Dr. Snekha P Dominic, Maharashtra)
4.    Rare Presentation Of Bilateral Choanal Polyp (Dr Priyanka Aage, Maharashtra)
5.    Sternberg’s Canal and the Related Controversies (Sreena Dev, Maharashtra)
6.    Treatment of Rhino cerebral Mucormycosis; Study of combined effects of surgical and medical therapy (Dr. Manisha Sharma, Rajasthan)
7.    Endoscopic Removal of Maxillary Odontogenic Keratocyst  (Shalima P S, Chandigarh)
8.    Hadad – Bassagasteguy Flap: Pearls on approach and its clinical outcomes in our setting (Priyanka Chamoli, New Delhi)
9.    Six year old with antrochoanal polyp (Dr.Jyotika Sharma, Chandigarh)
10. Effect of topical furosemide on nasal polyposis relapse after endoscopic sinus surgery (Alka Kapil, VIMSAR)
11. Complications and failures in endoscopic CSF rhinorrhoea repair: A tertiary care review
(Prity Sharma, Odisha)
12. Schwannoma of the para-nasal sinuses: A rare entity (Soniya Arora, Haryana)
13. Breaking the CSF barrier: A rhinologist’s prespective (Nitin Gupta)
14. Failures and Complications in Endoscopic CSF Rhinorrhea Repair : A Tertiary Care Review (Prity Sharma)
15.  Functional endoscopic sinus surgery under Navigation system (Priyanka Rohila)

Chairpersons: GD Rattan, R. Dhir, Nitin Gupta

Session IV
10:30 – 12:00
16. Isolated Fungal Ball In Concha Bullosa-A Rare Entity (Dr.Shahina Febin, Surat)
17. Maxillary Fibrous Dysplasia (Dr.Harish Rajeev, Surat)
18. Spindle cell neoplasm of nasal cavity (Vivek Dokania, Jharkhand)
19. Foreign body nose: an unusual presentation, (Dr. Diksha, Chandigarh)
20. Mucocoele Of Maxillary Slnus: A Rare Case Report, (Aishwarya Aparajita, vimsar, burla)
21. Comparative Study Of Clarithromycin &Coamoxiclav For Treatment Of Chronic Rhinosinusitis, (Arunima Kar, Burla)
22. Midline Nasal Tip Sinus: A Rare Presentation (Himani Gupta, Chandigarh)
23. Solitary Fibrous Tumor Of Nasal Cavity And Paranasal Sinuses: A Case Report
(Dr.Debapriyo Saha, Delhi)
24. A Case report on orbital complications of sinusitis in a 5 year old (Sonam, Haryana)
25. Endoscopic endo-nasal trans-ethmo-sphenoidal optic nerve decompression for traumatic optic neuropathy (Kiren Thomas, Haryana)
26. A case report on rhino-orbital mucormycosis in a diabetic patient: Management and treatment (Habibullah Khan, Haryana)
27.  Unusual landmarks to avoid injury to anterior ethmoid artery during endoscopic sinus surgery: A radiological observational study (Praneeth Potluri)
Chairpesrons: Vijay Verghese, C Mohan, Nitin Mathur, Rajnish Sharma

Hall 2

12:00 – 13:30          Junior consultant award:  (6 min. each)
Timing of Optic nerve decompression in craniofacial fibrous dysplasia- clarification of indication and prognostication of surgery (Hitesh Verma, New Delhi)

Rhinosporodiosis: an unresolved enigma (Rupa Mehta, Chattisgarh)

Outcomes of subtotal extra-corporeal septoplasty in deviated nose (Irfan-ul-Shamas, J&K)

Role of immunotherapy in chronic sinusitis and polyposis (Nitika Gupta, J & K)

Inferior turbinoplasty- microdebrider assisted vs. Radiofrequency- comparative study (Kanishka Chaudhary; WB)      

Intra-cranial intra-orbital extension of nasal masses: an endoscopic challenge (Anuragini, Delhi)

Surgical outcome and comparative evaluation of Draf II and draf III in patients with frontal sinus disease (Varun Nabh, HP)               

Chairpersons: NK Mahindroo, Hemant Chopra, Abhay Kumar Singh.

Anoop Raj Poster Award Session (3 mins each)

13:30 –14:15          Emergency hypophysectomy: our experience in pituitary apoplexy (Manju Silu

A rare case of carcinoma of sebaceous differention of nose (Divya Vaid, Delhi)

Atypical presentation of fungal rhinosinusitis; A case study (Manisha Sharma Mumbai)
Radiological and endoscopic correlation of anatomy of nose and PNS (Prakhar Goel, Delhi)
Role of fungus in CRS (Vimmi, Chandigarh)

Injection snore-plasty : painless cure for habitual snoring (Don Jong, Chandigarh)

Nasal Myofibroblastictumor (Vivek Dokania, Mumbai)

Endoscopic management of anyterior skull base lesions: Experience of tertiary care centre in India (Prity Sharma, Odisha)
                              Chairpersons: Dev Raj, Harpreet, Preasy Sharma

Arvind Soni Video Session (3 mins each)
14:20 – 14:45         
·        Bhagyashree Jaipuria
·        MG Rajiniganth
·        S Gupta
·        Navjot Kaur
·        Hitesh Verma
·        Karan Agarwal

Chairpersons: D Rai, N Shah, M Grover

Hall I

Rhino-ophthalmology (10 mins each)

09: 00– 09: 50        Chairpersons: J.M. Hans, Sudhakar Vaidya, NK Mahindroo

Classification of sino-orbital lesions in imaging and endoscopic era                  (MG Rajiniganth, Karnataka)

Modified approach to powered Endoscopic DCR (Neeraj Suri, Gujarat)

Importance of Rhinology in Indian subcontinent (RC Deka, Delhi)

Tips to improve results of endoscopic DCR (Ravi Meher, Delhi)

Systemic reasons of naso-orbital conditions: a diagnostic dilemma (Anil Abrol, Punjab)

Rhino-orbital presentations in sinusitis: My experience (Bhumika, Punjab)

09:55 – 10: 40        Panel Discussion
Sino- Orbital Aspergillosis: Management Options
Moderator: Ravi Meher

Panelists: Achal Gulati, MG Rajiniganth, Sudesh Kumar, Nitin Gupta, Gaurav Khandelwal, Vaibhav Saini, Shashikant Paul, Anuragini Gupta

Chairpersons: S.S. Dogra, Ravinder Minhas, Pankaj Arora.

10:45 – 11:00          Cross-Fire
                              Antifungal Drugs in AFRS
Vicky Khattar vs Rajesh Dhir

                              Chairpersons: Manjeet Singh, L. N. Garg, Harsimran Tuli.

FESS   (10 mins each)                

11: 00 – 13:00         Chairpersons: S. Varshney, R Azad, Gopika Kalsotra

Pediatric FESS: Prof Hetal Patel (Mumbai)
Navigation: adding precision to procedures (Karunesh: Punjab)
                              Principles and practices of revision endoscopic sinus surgery (Nishi Sonkhya)

Chairpersons: :Kiranbir Singh, Sudesh Kumar, Pradipta Parida

                              Approach to frontal sinus: Endoscopic / External (C Preetam, Odisha)

Enigma of Rhinoscleroma and rhinosporodiosis (Sudhakar Vaidya, MP)

Chairpersons: Dalbir Singh, Jaskaran, Yashpal Sharma

Mucormycosis management (Vaibhav Saini)

Invasive sino-cranial aspergillosis: Institute experience (S. Mahindra, Chd)

Posterior neurectomy for vaso-motor rhinitis (Ahilasamy, Chennai)

Chairpersons: Sarabjit Singh, Umang Malhotra, Rupa Mehta

Why certain sub-set of people with allergic rhinitis develop polyposis and AFRS? (Vikram Khanna; Mumbai)

External Frontal Sinus Procedures: My Experience (Raman Wadhera, Haryana)

Invasive fungal Sphenoiditis (Amit Kumar, UP)

Chairpersons: Rijuneeta, DS Dhillon, Sanj0069v Bhagat.

Galactomannan evaluation in AFRS: can it be considered a marker for invasion (Hitesh, Delhi)

AFRS (Divya Agarwal, Delhi)

Correlation between nasal endoscopy, CT, Surgery and severity of the symptoms (Manjit Singh, Punjab)

13:20- – 14:00        Yagyadarshan QUIZ
Quiz Master: Sanjay Sood

Chairpersons: Deepak Haldipur, Ailaswamy, MG Rajiniganth

Hall 2
Rhino –Oncology (10 mins each)
09:00 – 10:15          Chairpersons: Lokram (Nepal), Madhuri (HP), D. S. Dhillon (Punjab), Anujeet Kaur (Pb)

Improving the outcome in maxillary sinus cancer: institute experience of 10 years: Jaimanti Bakshi (Chandigarh)

Role of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy in sino-nasal malignancies (Rajeev Bedi, Punjab)

Anterior CFR for sino-nasal tumors (Saurabh Varshney)

Maxillary swing (Ishwar Singh)
Role of Gamma Knife Radio-surgery for the management of pituitary and glomus tumors(Manjul Tripathi, Chandigarh)

Radiation therapy of sino-nasal malignancy (NK Bhalla, USA)

Inverted papilloma (Varun Rai, Delhi)

10:20 – 11:05          Panel Discussion
Benign tumours of the nose and Para-nasal sinuses
Moderator: JC Passey (New Delhi)

Panelists: Jaimanti Bakshi (Chd), Munish Munjal (Punjab), Ishwar Singh (New Delhi), Sudesh Kumar (HP), Sanjiv Bhagat (Punjab), Rohit (Bareilly), Prahlad Duggal (Punjab), Jagdeep Thakur (HP)

Chairpersons: Parvinder Singh Kohli, Grace Budhiraja, Anuragini

11: 10 – 11:20         Cross Fire
                              Management of stage IV Krause IP: Endoscopic vs external
Prahlad Duggal (ASR) vs.Rohit Sharma (Bareilly)

Chairpersons:,Darshan Singh, Rahul Agarwal, Nilam Sathe

11:30 – 12:15          Panel
                              MESS in FESS
                              Moderator: S Varshney
Panelists: C Preetam (Odisha), Gopika (Jammu), Alok Agarwal (Delhi), Bachi Hathiram (Mumbai), Navneet Kumar (Pb), Anurag Tondon (Delhi); DS Kushwaha (Delhi)

Chairpersons: Mahesh Kapoor, Ishwar Singh, Neeraj Suri

14: 30 – 15:00        Lunch

VALEDICTORY FUNCTION                                        -         3.30 PM – 4.15 PM              

CONCLUDING MEET                                                 -         4.15 PM – 4.45 PM    

FAREWELL TEA AND DEPARTURE                             -         4.45 PM – 5.15 PM